Bogotá’s toughest climbs

Bogotá is surrounded by mountains on all sides of the city, so it isn't hard to find a good climb. Patios, Canicas, La Cuchilla and El Vino our some of the most known climbs in the Sabana area, but today we wanted to take a closer look at the toughest climbs in the Bogotá area. We are talking about short walls, or endless climbs in double digits. The climbs in Colombia are mostly long climbs that will go over a complete Cordillera, anything between 15 and 40 kilometers long. If you compare them with the climbs in Europe they are…

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Crowning alto de Letras, world’s longest climb

The alto de Letras is the mythical mountain pass par excellence in Colombia and known as the longest climb in the world. Its layout begins at Mariquita at 495 meters above sea level and ends after more than 80 kilometers at the border between the departments of Tolima and Caldas, at 3679 meters above sea level. This ascent is a decisive test for amateur cyclists, who are always in search of new and more demanding challenges. But also the pro’s have ridden this climb in races before, in 2017 it was again part of the Vuelta a Colombia. Miguel Reyes…

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The 8 toughest Colombian climbs

Colombia is a lucky country! Being in the middle of three mountain ranges gives the privilege of having spectacular ascents to mountains that other countries could only dream about. Some of these mountain passes have a hardness that catapults them to be cataloged as huge, and this makes them a challenge that few can overcome. Whether it's the route, the weather, the altitude, the state of the roads, these climbs are at another level and are part of the legends of Colombian Escarabajos. Making a list of the 8 toughest Colombian climbs is not easy. For many it may be…

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