From fear to love: the story of Esteban Chaves in cycling

"Get up, you have to continue!", He heard his father Jairo screaming, while he discovered himself on the floor with half scraped face. On the BMX track in Bogota, he did not manage to take the last curve and before the words of his father, he frowned, he was filled with pride, he finished the test and decided that it was the end. He returned wounded to the tribune, with tearful eyes and handed over the bicycle: "I do not want to know more about this." Esteban Chaves was seven years old. Falling and getting back up He had grown…

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Must Watch: All the places CocoraVelo

The last couple of years Colombia is getting a lot of media attention. With the peace agreement signed with the FARC, the final hurdle to visit Colombia was taken away. This meant much more press coverage for Colombia, and some great documentaries about cycling. We've had the Morton brothers in their Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia, and Rapha made the great short video Abrazos last year. And now, there is another great short documentary available: All the places - CocoraVelo. All The Places is a travel film series exploring our relationship with food, culture, sport and the environment. Each bikepacking trip…

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The 8 toughest Colombian climbs

Colombia is a lucky country! Being in the middle of three mountain ranges gives the privilege of having spectacular ascents to mountains that other countries could only dream about. Some of these mountain passes have a hardness that catapults them to be cataloged as huge, and this makes them a challenge that few can overcome. Whether it's the route, the weather, the altitude, the state of the roads, these climbs are at another level and are part of the legends of Colombian Escarabajos. Making a list of the 8 toughest Colombian climbs is not easy. For many it may be…

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