Must Watch: All the places CocoraVelo

The last couple of years Colombia is getting a lot of media attention. With the peace agreement signed with the FARC, the final hurdle to visit Colombia was taken away. This meant much more press coverage for Colombia, and some great documentaries about cycling.

We’ve had the Morton brothers in their Thereabouts 3: Discovering Colombia, and Rapha made the great short video Abrazos last year. And now, there is another great short documentary available:

All the places – CocoraVelo.

All The Places is a travel film series exploring our relationship with food, culture, sport and the environment. Each bikepacking trip maps out a new travel route through a region of global significance – whether it produces coffee, whiskey, music, tea, apparel, world class athletes, palm oil, or centenarians.

Colombia is world class in two things, coffee and cycling. In episode one, CocoraVelo, we look at these two important and very well-acquainted industries and as they converge in a symbiosis unlike anywhere else in the world.

See where your coffee comes from, and how amazing it is to ride your bike through Colombia. The guys and girls start their journey in Medellin, and go south towards the coffee-hub. Along the way they meet the friendly Colombians, and even camp inside the garden of locals.

Watch the full episode here:

COCORAVELO | An All The Places Original from All The Places on Vimeo.

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