Made in Colombia: Tinno Cycles

We at are suckers for classic steel bikes, so when we first came across Tinno Cycles we were directly in love! The custom frames from Tinno have been around already for a long time in Colombia, but is now picking up international attention as well. If you’re not yet familiar with the brand, here’s a little background information in our category “Made in Colombia”

Connect with nature

It all started back in 1977, when Tinno Cycles was founded. At that time, road cycling in Colombia was already a popular sport, but the big boom was yet to come. We are talking about the era of the famous Café de Colombia team with riders as Lucho Herrera and Fabio Parra. From that moment on, it was full on business for Tinno. They made over 300 custom frames per year, and were expanding their team.

The idea behind the brand is to build frames as tools for their clients to connect with nature, and to test themselves. By using the best materials on the market and with custom measurements, they have established themselves as the best custom framebuilder of Colombia.

The driving force behind Tinno Cycles is Agustín Hincapíe, the master frame builder. With more than 40 years of experience, you can safely call him an expert. If you would walk into their workshop in El Retiro, Antioquia you would still see the friendly face of the Colombian frame builder.

Steel is real

Over the years, many things have changed in the construction of road bicycles. From steel to aluminium, and then to the lightweight carbon fiber. But all these innovations did not impact or change the philosophy Tinno Cycles. As of today, they are still working with steel and lugs from manufacturers such as Colombus and Richard Sachs. Although they do occasionally use the more modern technologies, such as a full carbon fork on their Remoza model. And of course you can choose electronic shifting from Sram Etap on your classic bike, or use full carbon HiFi wheels to finish it off.

Currently Tinno offers three types of frames that can be ordered according to your sizing. But you do have to be a little bit patient, as there currently is a waiting list of 3 months! This shows the current demand of custom frames, and the price tag that comes along with it is accepted.


The Nostalgia frame is the most classic frame of the 3, and is an ode to how it all started. Made with the looks of the old days, but with modern technologies to maintain a perfectly handling bike. This bike, with its beautiful steel fork and lugs honors cycling’s past. But does so with modern tubing, retaining the ride quality that made bikes like these timeless classics.


The 1977, referring to the year Tinno started the company, is a mix of classic and modern technology. This frame represents a fine balance between the classic bikes from the sport’s golden era, and today’s technology. A perfect blend of past and present. A fantastic and agile road feel, all-carbon fork, and lugs to retain that bit of historic character that gives a nod to an earlier time.


And finally there is the Remoza frame, the most modern styled bike of the Tinno range. The frame is made of modern lightweight Columbus steel, and features an all-carbon fork. It has clearance for wider tires, and has a snappy, responsive character that makes it the ideal machine for taking on the mythical mountains of Colombia.

Also, check out these great videos about Tinno Cycles to see more of the process and the workshop:



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