InCycle video: What makes Colombian cycling so special?
Cycling: 1st Colombia Oro y Paz 2018 / Stage 5 Arrival / Rigoberto Uran Uran (COL) Celebration / Nairo Quintana (COL)/ Egan Arley Bernal Gomez (COL)/ Pereira - Salento-Bomberos 2003m (163,7km)/ © Maximiliano Blanco

InCycle video: What makes Colombian cycling so special?

InCycle came to visit Colombia to find out what makes Colombian cycling so special. The visited the Oro y Paz cycling race in February and spoke with rider Rigoberto Uran, and legends Lucho Herrera and Cochise Rodriguez. They give a great view of the deeply rooted love for cycling within all Colombians, and interview some team managers about the changes in the country, and how the sport deal with this. Check out the video below, and be amazed about the beauty of cycling in Colombia:  Ever wondered what makes Colombian cyclists so special? inCycle travelled to South America to find…

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Cycling holiday in Colombia

In the last 10 years the number of tourist visiting Colombia has been tripled, and at the moment Colombia is the most popular holiday destination. The biggest reason for this huge increase is thanks to the peace agreement between the Santos government and the FARC. After signing the agreement, the mindset of foreigners regarding safety in Colombia has changed drastically. Where ten years ago Colombia would be a destination for backpackers or adventure-seekers, the South-American country now welcomes families, luxury travelers and retired couples. Another big increasing group are cyclists. Colombia has a rich cycling history, and with the current…

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From fear to love: the story of Esteban Chaves in cycling

"Get up, you have to continue!", He heard his father Jairo screaming, while he discovered himself on the floor with half scraped face. On the BMX track in Bogota, he did not manage to take the last curve and before the words of his father, he frowned, he was filled with pride, he finished the test and decided that it was the end. He returned wounded to the tribune, with tearful eyes and handed over the bicycle: "I do not want to know more about this." Esteban Chaves was seven years old. Falling and getting back up He had grown…

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