Bogota’s best cycle cafe’s

Coffee and cyclist, a romance that only those who have their own bike will understand. We are not really sure why, maybe the need of caffein or just an excuse to ride your bike? Anyway, cyclists love coffee and what better place to visit a coffee shop that has bikes as a theme? This new trend of cycle cafe’s or bicicafe’s is picking up in more and more cities. With trendsetters like “Look mum, no hands” and Rapha in London it all started, and now Bogotá can proudly be added to cities with bicycle cafe’s.

In this article we tell you about 10 places specialized in pampering any type of cyclist in Bogota’s cycle cafe’s.

Nobody has agreed with the name ye for these places. Do we call them Bicicafés or ciclocafés or cycling cafes? It is still a relatively new concept in the cities of Colombia. Those who frequently visit them do not know very well how to call them but they do not care either.

It does not matter if you are a cyclist by sport, by boredom, by necessity or because you ride along with your partner in ciclovía; If you prefer European or national routes, chaotic or imaginary cities. These spaces are born as a fusion between the bicycle store, the restaurant, the cafeteria and the mechanical workshop so that you can find a perfect place to finish your day of cycling.

Feel welcome to eat a sandwich and get it down with a beer, have a coffee and get it down with another beer, or have a beer and get it down with more beer. The tables are made with handlebars to pilot the route and seats with saddles to support the world. Everything here is designed to keep the romance alive with the bike.

Although, to tell the truth, to go to these café’s one does not need to be strictly a cyclist. Anyone who likes design and a good place to relax or do some freelance work can come here.

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Tempo Cycling

Transversal 24 # 53D-53

In cycling tempo is known as the cadence with which the peloton advances. The rhythm of pedaling is constant and strong and does not allow any of the cyclists to separate from the group. Tempo Cycling marked the rhythm of Bogotá’s bicicafés. It was the first place for bike lovers to stay in the pack, and deserves the first mention in our list of Bogota’s cycle cafe’s.

It is located in a cozy space in the neighborhood Galerías. The environment absorbs the client since it enters: a bicycle on a display separates two spaces, on it rests a pendant lamp armed from the chainrings that hold the chains on any bicycle. Fixed this detail, the eye is diverted to see the tables or chairs armed and decorated with recycled parts of other steel horses: handlebars or handles, in addition to wheels and pedals. The sobriety and intelligence of the cyclist placed for decoration.

Being the first always has its advantages. The former professional cyclist, now chef, Camilo Suárez, is responsible for feeding a healthy food menu based on organic cookies, cakes and energy bars. Appropriate accompaniments for the visitor is to encourage the Colombian riders of the great races that are broadcast there in the morning and the afternoon. Or simply to wait while they fix your bike in the workshop with the spare parts that they sell there.

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La Guarida

Carrera 27A Bis # 61C-06

The founders called this place “La Guarida” when they met after going out to ride. When they decided to create this cafe space, they kept the name to preserve the idea of refuge. This is how La Guarida is presented as a safe place for cyclists and non-cyclists who want to be welcomed and protected from the rhythm of the city.

In this three-story house the client can eat in the restaurant, buy bicycles, accessories, clothes, participate in talks and workshops on topics related to cycling, or attend acoustic concerts and artistic exhibitions. This lair welcomes groups and entrepreneurs such as Concienbíciate or Mova Cycling, with which they organize road shows, camps, fairs and music festivals inside and outside Bogota.

Among its tables there have been clients who, with a couple of beers, decide to start entrepreneurial projects that gain sympathizers there. Such is the case of the Biciosos store, which even seized one of the floors of the house. This lair is a Bogota’s cycle cafe’s meeting point to conspire.

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La Bicicletería D.C.

Calle 53 # 50-11

The house in which La Bicicletería D.C. is located stands out in the middle of the domestic landscape. A grape-colored façade, decorated by graffiti that watch the biciparqueadero, holds the wheel on which the logo that emphasizes the urban character of the place is read. With a wide door, the space opens to a group of tables painted with the routes to climbs inside Bogotá: Alto de Trigos or Alto de Patios appear with data on distance, height, slope or slope. Information to motivate the client.

The goal of this Bogota’s cycle cafe is to be part of the community. Here they hold events every eight days for such a diverse audience that includes lovers of Radiohead or Metallica. During the week, customers can go to come breakfast, lunch or eat dishes like La vuelta a Colombia, which is based on peasant cheese. They can buy bicycles that are assembled from scratch. Send to paint the ones they already have, work that the Cyclodélico collective is responsible for. Or simply take advantage of the workshop for maintenance.

La Bicicletería D.C. is perfect for those who want to move by bike but for whatever reason do not dare to do it. Here they find advice, advice and a good beer, which maybe becomes two because there will always be good company.

How to get there: Bici + Cafe

Calle 81 # 11-55, Local 1

UPDATE: Unfortunately fuga has been closed due to unknown reasons. For the time being, Specialized sells their bikes here now.

When in a race a cyclist escapes from the peloton, it is known as a Fuga. Under this idea this bicicafé was born: a space in which cyclists escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fuga is inspired by the design of competition bicycles to create a unique concept that flirts with the retro and modern aesthetics of cycling. Thus, it is possible to find a neon sign inside accompanied by large windows that generate a sense of transparency and light.

Fuga has the only Rocket Espresso machine in Colombia, the same one used by Chris Froome’s Sky team, a bet on a good coffee to accompany the healthy pastry prepared for athletes. Morning runners or cycle families are welcome, connoisseurs of good coffee or good beer. That is why a communal table occupies a large part of the space: conversations are born with two or more strangers sharing a table.

In the exhibitors hang high-end bicycles with their respective spare parts, and clothing with Italian, American and Colombian technology, so that connoisseurs can find the accessories of their dreams. The workshop requires a prior appointment and specializes in professional bicycles. While waiting for the arrangement, the cyclist can eat something and watch live broadcasts of the races, documentaries, or find out about the talks and exits organized there by the hand of Mundo Ciclístico magazine.

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Carrera 13a # 96-41

Beetles are known for their ability to climb. Colombian cyclists, for their ability to leave rivals irrigated when the road is uphill. With this precedent, Escarabajos was founded, which goes beyond the sale of bicycles and coffee and focuses on preparing pizzas designed for cyclists in the city. The dough, for example, is cooked with mashed potatoes, a subtle nod to the region where many of our great cyclists come from. They also have fondue, which are served in a ceramic bowl and intersperse layers of cheese and vegetables and ingredients that vary according to a Tour de France, a Giro d’Italia, or a Vuelta España.

The days when a pizza or a fondue is not enough, you can order “gregarios”: small entries to accompany the main course. After the meal comes beer or coffee, filtered here with methods such as the Japanese siphon, the French press or the traditional Antioqueno. Escarabajos is thanks to this extended theme listed in our best of Bogota’s cycle cafe’s.

The place belongs to a house that overlooks a garden with parasol tables, where acoustic events are planned. In addition, the decoration of the place is full of details that seduce the cyclist: small bicycles distributed by different spaces of the restaurant, almost like treasures to find; wooden tables that instead of numbers bear names of competition marks; a bicycle from the eighties restored and unique in the country, hanging on the wall. At escarabajos there is no workshop to take care of bicycles.

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Carrera 19 # 106-46

Pedaling is an act that begins and ends at the same point. For those who ride bicycles, the ride recommences every morning. The bicycle is a vehicle for perseverant and dedicated. That is why CÍCLICO was born, which includes the constancy that cyclists demand and offers them just this.

With just a few months of creation, CÍCLICO has been responsible for consolidating a robust catalog in each of the products it offers. From road and mountain bicycles protected by brands with a long history in the industry, to a beverage menu based on Italian and Swiss ingredients. Also you can find home accessories, such as furniture to hang the bicycle and display it as a decorative element

They also offer Bike Fit service, which through a special machine allows the cyclist to buy a bicycle made to measure. A service that helps the visitor decide to start riding with the bike they buy there.

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Técnica Ciclismo

Calle 109 # 18B-32, Local 1

The technology for road and mountain bikes has advanced almost at the same time as technology has done in Formula 1. This is how cyclists on major races such as the Tour de France or the Tour of Spain have been able to improve their personal ability thanks to the technological capacity of the bicycle: the technique of the vehicle and of those who drive it to serve the competition.

Those who pass through Tecnica ciclismo will find bicycles, accessories and clothing from Italian or Canadian brands that offer that same avant-garde to the amateur but knowledgeable cyclist. That is why it focuses and specializes in cyclists who can understand and appreciate the innovations that are offered to them. For them there is coffee and imported craft beers that work as rewards for after a day of continuous pedaling.

Finally there is the cycle simulator, which is located in the back of the store. The objective of this cycleimulator is to give the cyclist the opportunity to test how the equipment he intends to acquire works. It is true that the bicycle does not make the cyclist, but it is not necessary to deny that every cyclist runs better when he uses the best bicycle.

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Viro: Espacio bicicultural

Calle 161 # 19A-90

A steel angel on a bicycle is the guardian of this space that stands as a gallery of thematic art. Located in the north of the city, this winery takes advantage of the knowledge that its owners have about metalworking to offer visitors an experience that honors the name of steel horses with which it is also known as bicycles.

Viro bets on the bicycle as a cultural platform. The strength of this space is in its thematic art gallery. In the hands of the artist Leandro Penagos, Viro offers a two-story room where items armed with bicycle parts rest: human torsos made with chains, guitars and railings armed with wheels.


Here there is something more than bicycles, accessories, clothes and coffee. Viro means to turn. See the bicycle as a meeting place and not only as a means of transport is the turn for which this establishment was born. For this, they promote their gallery with talks that support initiatives such as “To school by bike”, in which they use their workshop service so that children and non-connoisseurs learn to remove a tire, for example. To turn you have to take impulse, Viro understands it and that’s why he gives the first push.

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El Gallo

Autopista Norte KM 20 vía Bogotá – Chía

On the outskirts of Chia, this rooster is willing to sing early to pamper cyclists and bicycles. It is a couple of kilometers after the northern toll. Highlights in the middle of the road for being a two-story house, built in brick and with the delicate shape of a barn: a pointed roof, a wide entrance that opens to a cozy wooden living room.

El Gallo is designed for early bird cyclists. Here you can meet the dedicated ones who leave for Sopó or Neusa when everyone else just opens their eyes. The moment they enter they are received in the main room so that the heat from the oven keeps them in a morning comfort. Celia Cruz, the furry mascot of the place, is in charge of welcoming with a show of hospitality and energy worthy of the queen of the salsa.

As the morning progresses, the bicycles are taken care of in the workshop and are improved with all the accessories offered by El Gallo. Families or lone workers who go to the outskirts of the city and who know good orange juice or coffee with almond milk prepared there are also arriving.

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